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    After studies to become saleswoman, I succeeded in unearthing me a place in charming a small shop of clothing. I was in a city close of at home and the store very well was located and directed by very charming a ten years injury my elder.
    The training course was to be stretched over three weeks at the beginning of summer. I had a duty to be specific and very pleasant with the customers and customer. My owner made very to put to me at ease and to facilitate my training course, I was packed. first week was devoted to discovered practices of the house.
    After one week with being with the listening of Julie (the first name of my owner), I was much more at ease with the tasks which I was to carry out and with the customers of the store.
    Wednesday of the second week was special for me. When I had spare time, I walked in the store and looked at clothing for me. I had seen a beautiful skintight black skirt which I liked much and emphasized the contour of my legs. With a blouse with short sleeves, I was very attracting. Julie noticed my desire to have this clothing, still looking at me taking them and checking the sizes.
    - You like this clothing, Karine?
    - Yes, I find them very sexy! My friend should like them much!
    - You want to test them?
    - With pleasure!
    But of the customers entered and I have to give my meeting of fitting to later. To the end of the day, Julie came to see me with in her hands clothing which I coveted.
    - Hold, take time to make the fitting while I close the shop.
    I moved towards the room of fitting and slowly undressed me to slip on the skirt and the blouse. I looked myself in the mirror when I heard a voice which said to me:
    - You can leave, that I see me also the effect of this clothing on you!
    I opened the door and left in front of Julie. She looked at me feet with the head... The insistence of her glance made me redden, mixture of embarrassment and confused excitation. Julie approached and made me turn in front of her by making adjustments on clothing, she touched me slightly and tenderly saying to me:
    - It suits you very well, you are very attracting in this behaviour.
    - Thank you, you are nice.
    And Julie rubbed my body while placing clothing... I was disturbed by these contacts.
    - You believe that my friend will be excited?
    - Not only your friend... -...?
    - Karine, you are very pretty. Your body is so beautiful... You know that I like you much?
    And, by joining epics to the word, she approaches me and poses a kiss on my cheek. Indicator that I did not move, she poses her lips on mine by tightening me against it. A soft feeling invades me and I let myself better do..., I let myself go to answer his kisses.
    - Have You already made love with a woman, Karine?
    - to tell the truth, I sometimes wanted of it, but I never did it, not...
    - Lets itself guide, then. You will see, I am sure that you will like...
    Without more preamble, our hands start to cherish the body of the other while our tongues mix in our mouths. After a few moments, Julie starts to detach my skirt which goes down along my legs to the ground, then goes up towards my centres which her cherishes, tenderly at the beginning, then more firmly. I close the eyes while sighing of ease. she detaches my blouse and soon I find myself out of underclothing in front of it. After some caresses, she asks me to undress her too. I am carried out slowly. Very sensuellement, I discover the shapes of Julie who appreciates my caresses. Her centres are large and firm. I gently cherish them by weighing up them, while rubbing my pubis against his muscular thigh... Quickly, we find ourselves naked all both, Julie place her hands on my hips and descend her lips on my bust, embracing my centres and licking my nipples. What a softness! I feel his hand which slips on my thighs, between my legs that I half-open, giving up me with her caresses. She touches finally my sex on fire... I groaned!!!!
    She went down between my legs, cherishing me divinement and penetrating me with a nosy finger, then two, making them go in me like a penis. She then extends me on the carpet of the store and is placed between my drawn aside legs, holding me by the thighs. She places her head against my pussy and starts to lick me the sex, the wet lips, titillating my clitoris with the point of her tongue. Then she hides her toungue in me, excavation in my soaked vagina. I feel it to be twisted in me. At the edge of the orgasm, I push his head of my hands to further smell it in me... - You are good, tells me Julie, delicious. Karine, I like your sex, still lets taste your juice to me...
    It cherishes my buttocks of her hands, rubbing my anus of her index. I am with the roof of happiness. My owner makes me enjoy with more at the point... Shaken by a wave of pleasure, I cries my happiness!
    - Yeeeeeeeeeeessss!!! I'm coming !!! Oh, that's good! Goooooood!!!
    Julie taste my hot juice, she drinks me literally, licking like a cat between my soaked lips. I had just known happiness lesbian for the first time. I wanted me also to make her enjoy, and I the occasion had some later: during the remainder of my training course, she invited me to remain at it, and we often made love, each time we return of the store. I thus could improve me in art to give and receive pleasure between women. We used sometimes all kinds of adapted gadgets, dildos, the belts which enabled me "fuck her" as if I had been a man...
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